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ITC-100 Intercom

8-Channel Intercom System

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Additional Specs.

  • Power: 12V 1.0A DC operation 110/220
  • Size: 1 RU high chassis
  • Interface: External headset and microphone
  • Base Station Audio Level: -15dBm
  • Base Station Impedance: 51Kohm

Each Operator Package:

  • Belt Pack
  • 20m communications cable with 5pin XLR cables
  • Headsets
  • Tally lights (Red/Yellow, camera mounted)

What’s in the Box

  • ITC-100 main unit x 1
  • ITC100SL Slave Unit x 4
  • ITC100SL Carrying Case x 4
  • 20m XLR to XLR Intercom Cable x 4
  • MC1 Headset / Microphone x 4
  • Tally lights x 4
  • MC2 XLR Gooseneck Mic x 1
  • LP1 XLR Gooseneck Light x 1
  • 12V 1.0A Power Supply Unit x 1
  • AC Power cord x 1
  • User’s Guide x 1

  • * Separately purchased adapter cable may be necessary.
ITC-100 Diagram


  • Length: 5 in. / 127 mm
  • Width: 19 in. / 483 mm
  • Height: 1.5 in. / 38 mm
  • Weight: 4 lbs. / 1.81 kg
ITC-100 Intercom System. Watch the Video
Introducing Datavideo’s ITC-100 Wired Intercom/Tally System
Datavideo’s ITC-100 is a practical eight remote-user and base station wired intercom with included tally lights that can use low cost headsets (included) or high quality professional units. Users are connected to the base station via belt packs and 20 meter (65 ft.) 5-pin XLR audio cables that may be extended up to 200 meters/650 feet.

The ITC-100 is available as a standalone product or as a kit for specific switchers:

ITC-100: for use with Datavideo switchers except for the SE-900. Can also be used with a Panasonic switcher. ITC-100 includes 4 belt packs with tally lights, headsets and 20m (65 ft.) cables. Other parts necessary; see the chart below.
Switcher/Mobile Studio Part Needed to Connect to ITC-100
SE-500 G07692150202 Cable
HS-500 G07692150202 Cable
SE-600 G07692150202 Cable
SE-2000 CB-27 Cable
SE-2800 and SE-2200 CB-28 Cable
SE-3000 CB-29 Cable
AG-HMX100 TB-20 Converter

ITC-100KF900: use with Datavideo SE-900. Includes 8 belt packs with tally lights, headsets and 20m (65 ft.) cables

Additional 5-pin XLR Cables are also available in standard and extended lengths:

CB-3: 20 meters / 65 feet (comes standard)
CB-4: 50 meters / 164 feet
CB-76: 76 meters / 250 feet

ITC-100 Key Features

Gooseneck Mic. & LED Light Included
Supplied with Gooseneck Microphone and LED light