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Datavideo Switchers are some of the easiest to use switching tools available today! Coupled with professional features, a Datavideo Switcher is sure to be a valuable member of your production setup. See our selection of high quality switchers below, and choose one that fits your needs best!
Solutions for Live Production
Whether it’s for Broadcasting, Independent
Videographers, or a High School Video
Production class, we have a switcher for that.


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Switch 6 video inputs (4x SDI and 2x HDMI) with dual chromakey support.
Switch 4 video inputs (2x SDI and 2x HDMI) with chromakey support.
Use the swicher rack in the studio or in the van. Transport it anywhere!
Switch 8 or 12 SD & HD inputs via SDI, HDMI, & Composite Video. Studio Kit includes intercom/tally, recorder, and 2 desktop monitors.
Switch 6 HD or SD sources. Accepts HD/SD-SDI and HDMI inputs.
Switch 8 SD sources via Composite Video & DVI-D/I. Studio Kit includes intercom/tally, recorder, desktop monitor, cable, and desktop holder.
Switch 5 HD inputs – 4 cameras and a DVI source or 3 cameras and two DVI sources. The Studio Kit includes an intercom and recorder.
Use the SE-500 to switch 4 CV and/or S-video sources. Studio Kit includes monitors, intercom, and recorder.